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52mm Prosport OLED wideband AFR / boost (Psi) combination gauge kit utilises the latest 5 wire heated 4.9 Bosch wideband O2 sensor and has a wide AFR measurement range of 10.0:1 to 20.0:1. This comprehensive wideband AFR set also has 0-5v output for data logging etc.

This stunning gauge features the new white OLED readout in the center of the gauge for the wideband AFR readings and bar-graph style LED's around the circumference of the gauge for boost pressure reference. Boost range is -30 Vac ~ 45 Psi Boost.

This is a complete Wide-Band AFR kit that includes everything needed:

  • Prosport OLED wideband AFR / boost (Psi) combination gauge - 52mm
  • Bosch 4.9 (5 wire) preheated wideband sensor
  • Latest compact boost pressure sensor
  • Control box
  • 0-5V output
  • Exhaust mounting bung
  • Instructions
  • Wiring harness (Gauge to wideband sensor), plug and play
  • Wiring harness (Gauge to boost sensor), plug and play

*Due to extreme conditions & nature of usage wideband sensors excluded from any warranty.

52mm OLED Wideband AFR / Boost Gauge Kit - PSI