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Designed to be the ultimate knock listening system. The KS-Pro provides excellent audio clarity for professional tuners.

The Knock Analyser Pro (KS-Pro) is a high quality knock detection kit that allows the user to listen for knock whilst tuning an engine. The Knock Analyser Pro has been developed with the assistance of the UKs premier tuning companies and as such contains many features lacking from alternatives on the market. The kit contains everything necessary to listen for engine knock.

This kit can also be plugged directly into the KS-4 when purchased with the KS-4 Interface Kit.

Key Features:

  • The case is ruggedised giving additional protection in a workshop environment.
  • The high quality shielded sensor cable and Bosch wideband knock sensor this provide excellent sound quality.
  • The headphones are designed by a leading manufacturer in Hi-Fi equipment giving superb quality and comfort, the "Closed" design reduces background noise and provides crystal clear sound.
  • The high visibility case and cables make it easy to find in a busy workshop environment.

Phormula KS-PRO Professional Knock Detection Kit