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This compact & impressive splitter function (partial recirculating & partial atmospheric) aluminium dump valve not only looks fantastic but directly replaces the standard black plastic Bosch valves that are notorious for failing on the Saab turbo charged engines.

This dual function dump valve is direct fitment for all cars running a factory standard 25mm plastic valve and is designed to run in harmony with the engine management system (when in dual function or recirculating mode) to eliminate the warning lights typically associated with other atmospheric dump valves.

This valves benefits from 3 different configurations, all of which are fully adjustable and can be set up to suit your specific vehicle. This is one valve that does all!

Valve configurations:

  • Fully recirculating (Silent)
  • Fully atmospheric (Noisy) - Noise level depends on boost/load
  • Dual function (Silent at low load with noise at high load) - Noise level depends on boost/load

The valve preload in all above configurations is fully adjustable so that it can be set up to your specific requirements/vehicle. The R-Spec dual port dump valve will help prolong the life of your turbo and cure any typical boost leaks etc associated with the standard factory fitted plastic dump valves. This is especially important if your Turbo car has been modified or had the boost pressure increased via a remap etc. This valve correctly set up will hold precious boost pressure which in turn will offer more power throughout the rev range (if the existing valve is suffering general softening & deterioration).

25mm Splitter Dual Port Dump Valve


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