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This is the perfect solution when fitting an aftermarket gear knob to hold up the original factory gear gaiter and retain that factory fitted look. The Prosport retaining collar is perfect for securing and/or adjusting the height of your factory gear gaiter.

The Prosport gaiter collar simply slides onto your gearstick before attaching your aftermarket gear knob, then you just position it into place and tighten the screws to hold it at the desired height. Once in place you just lift up the gaiter and pop the top over the collar.


The Prosport retaining collar will fit gear sticks from 10mm -12mm in diameter which covers most applications. Please see our other items for Prosport aluminium or carbon fibre gear knobs.


Kit Contents:


1 x Prosport gear gaiter retaining collar (Black aluminium)  

3 x Recessed collar fixing screws  

1 x Securing Ring

1 x Hex key for fixing screws

Prosport Gear Knob Retaining Collar