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The Prosport Performance weighted gear knob (160g) with black detail is balanced to ensure tight and accurate gear shifts and perfect alignment of shift pattern on the MK3 Ford Focus 2.0 ST Turbo & MK3 Ford Focus 2.3 RS Turbo.

This weighted gear knob is machined using 6082 T6 aluminium to ensure the weight, appearance and performance all keep in line with the very high standards expected from Prosport products. The Prosport weighted gear knob is a direct replacement upgrade and requires no mechanical background or tools for fitting, fitment takes less than 2-3 minutes at most.

This gear impressive gear knob fits the MK3 Ford Focus 2.0 ST Turbo & MK3 Ford Focus 2.3 RS Turbo and totally transforms the look and feel of your fast Ford. It will also fit any other MK3 Ford Focus that shares the same shift pattern and has a lift up reverse selector.

Key Features:

  • 6082 T6 Machined aluminium body
  • Deep laser engraving (Black detail)
  • Machined at 160 grams for optimal balanced performance
  • Internal polypropylene design to enable perfect gear shift pattern alignment
  • Retains original factory lift reverse

Aluminium Weighted Gear Knob MK3 Ford Focus ST & RS Turbo - Black