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52mm 5 in 1 OBD2 Gauge Kit (MPH, volts, water temp, RPM, turbo boost)

This display unit plugs directly into your cars existing OBD2 diagnostic socket and then transmits selected data onto the windscreen at a position of your choice. These kits are designed so that important engine functions can be monitored safely without looking down or taking your eyes away from the windscreen. HUD's are often fitted in high end prestige sports cars from factory, so certainly a very popular product.

Not many OBD2 display kits offer boost pressure as a monitoring option, so this very important option gives a distinct advantage over most other available kits.

  • Display Unit Dimensions: 68mm x 45mm x 10mm
  • Connection: OBD2 (And after 2005)  Only
  • Display Options: Speed (MPH), voltage, water temp, RPM & turbo boost pressure
  • Illumination: White/multi colour LED
  • Features: Adjustable warnings, peak recall, speed adjustment, automatic day/night adjustment

Viewing options will only be displayed if corresponding sensors are factory fitted (most are standard fitment on modern vehicles). To display boost pressure the car must already be equipped with a factory fitted MAP sensor that's monitored by the ECU. If certain sensors are not fitted the display will simply show "N/A" for this option.

OBD2 Colour Multi Function 5 in 1 HUD (Head Up Display)


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