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The New 52mm Prosport Performance Smoked Green / White stepper motor equipped gauges (optional Green or White display) have two modes. When the ignition is switched off the gauge faces are totally black and when the ignition is switched on the gauge faces come to life with illuminated super green or white detail and illuminated red needle. These gauges represent the very latest technology and perform a full self calibrate sequence each time the ignition is turned on, as the ignition is turned on the gauge takes an automatic adjustment reading within the sender to zero the needle compensating for the correct atmospheric pressure etc, resulting in 100% accurate readings regardless of elevation or climate. These gauges use microprocessors / Swiss movement to provide super smooth pointer movement for high precision readings under extreme conditions. All gauges in the series can be wired for green or white illumination and all gauges can also be easily wired to switch illumination colour with headlight activation.

This extremely impressive series of gauges offers stunning looks and precision at an affordable price. All gauges in this series are supplied in presentation boxes with sensors (if applicable) and instructions.

Gauge Features:

  • Smoked lens

  • Optional green or white illumination (Easily wired to switch colours with headlight activation)

  • Latest swiss stepper motor movement

  • Shallow bezel (for flusher look) with compact body

  • Sensors included (For pressure and temperature gauges)

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