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The KS-3 is a powerful innovative engine knock detection and alert system. Engine knock or detonation can destroy an engine in a matter of seconds and the KS-3 is employed to alert the driver of unsafe knock levels. The KS-3 is probably the most advanced engine knock detection system on the market. The KS-3 actively filters and processes engine signals using a dedicated knock microprocessor. These signals are processed and displayed on a wide angle clear LCD display.

How does it work?

The KS-3 monitors engine knock levels and can be configured to alert the driver via a visual and audible warning. The KS-3 can be used as a hand-held device or permanently mounted to the dashboard. The KS-3 is configurable for frequencies between 6 and 9 kHz. The system includes high quality Bosch Wideband Knock Sensor, Sensor Plug, Shielded Signal Cable, Mounting Kit and Power Supply Cable.


The KS-3 has been designed to be easy to install, reliable and affordable. The KS-3 comes as a complete kit containing everything necessary for the installation. A high quality Bosch knock sensor is included and is linked to the main unit via a shielded signal cable. Installation is very simple: Mount the sensor, connect the signal cable and connect the power cable.

What is Knock?

Knocking or detonation occurs when unburnt fuel in the combustion chamber explodes instead of burning in a controlled manner. When engine knock is occurring the pressure in the combustion chamber rises dramatically to levels that can destroy engine components in a few seconds.

What does engine knock sound like?

See our video clips demonstrating the KS-3 in action clearly detecting engine knock. Towards the end of the demonstration there is an audio sample of knock.


The KS-3 is very simple to configure. The most common question we are asked is what frequency should I select. We now have an online calculator that will estimate the knock frequency for you. Use our Knock Calculator to estimate the knock frequency of your engine.

Why should I choose the KS-3 over other Knock Detection devices?

Our goal was to develop the most advanced knock detection system available. The KS-3 has taken nearly three years of develop in conjunction with one of the UK leading tuning companies. It is the result of many hours of dyno and track testing and has evolved into what we believe is the ultimate knock detection system.

Phormula KS-3 Complete Knock Monitoring Kit