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The Generation 2 Mini Cooper (07-11) N12 / N14 engine has no oil pressure or oil temperature gauge and this high quality adaptor makes it possible to fit one yourself.

Space under the bonnet on the Gen 2 Mini is very limited, so we do not suggest using bulky VDO type sensors. (Our Stepper Motor Peak & Warning gauges have suitable compact sensors).

Our adaptor is threaded on each hex face so there will be an open thread facing you no matter what position the adaptor comes to rest in. All of the other threaded holes are easily blanked off with the included threaded plugs.

  • Machined from high grade brass
  • Nickel plated finish for corrosion resistance
  • Multiple 1/8 Npt threaded sensor holes (to suit most aftermarket gauge sensors)
  • 1/8 Npt blanking plugs
  • Oil resistant/high temp seal
  • No drilling or tapping required

Mini Cooper Gen 2 Oil Pressure Adaptor (N12 / N14)