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This very high quality 3/8 NPT oil pressure adaptor enables the fitment of an aftermarket 1/8 NPT oil pressure gauge sensor to your engine whilst still retaining your 3/8 NPT factory sensor.

  • Specifically for vehicles that have an existing 3/8 Npt factory sensor
  • Precision CNC manufactured
  • Offset to ensure secure 1/8 Npt sensor mounting
  • Chrome finish, so will not deteriorate or corrode
  • Very easy fitment
  • Allows original 3/8 Npt factory sensor to remain functional when adding additional 1/8Npt sensor.
  • Adaptor suits all aftermarket 1/8 Npt oil pressure sensors

Oil pressure is one of the most important gauges to have and with this adpator it is now possible and very easy. Only suitable for vehicles that have a 3/8 Npt factory fitted sensor, this adaptor is for oil pressure only.

3/8 NPT To 1/8 Npt Offset Oil Pressure Adaptor